Forrest O. Baker – Maintenance

Dock Builder – Welder – Licensed HAZMAT – CDL
Heavy Equipment Operator (RI Hydraulic License)

5 Generations of dock builders and Marine Construction – Semi-retired and enjoying life on Cape Cod!

Need a float built? – a dock repaired? – Interested in building a new barge to your specifics? Need to have your floats hauled in or out of the water? – or maybe you need a full dock with deck and floats etc. Call me 508 367 2213. I am your man. If it is too big a project for me to handle alone – I know just the people who can handle it. Working with CAPE COD DOCKS at this time I have the right connections to assist your every marine need. There is nothing impossible to do – some things just take a little longer.

5 Generations of dock builing on the Cape, Metal Fabricator, Crane operator, Hydraulics, CDL licensed, OSHA licensed and HASMAT licensed.
Phone: (508) 428-4440 Ext. 1
Cell: (508) 367-2213
E-mail: [email protected]

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